All programs have different application requirements. Please see the contact person listed below for those requirements.

Tribal TANF Application for NEW Clients
Tribal TANF Application for RETURNING Clients
Contact Corinne Parisian at (406) 395-5814 for further information.

USDA/FDPIR - Commodities Application Contact Michelle Billy at (406) 395-4941 for further information. Please be reminded that page 5 needs to be filled out by all household members.

Child Support Services Application Contact Intake Processing Clerk at (406) 395-4176 for further information.

General Assistance Application Contact Lisa Singer or Velma Clark at (406) 395-4092 for further information.

Vocational Rehabilitation Application Contact Marilyn Morsette at (406) 395-5739 for further information.

Adobe Reader is required to view and print applications.

Having trouble downloading and printing one of the applications? Contact the contact person for that application and they can mail or fax you one.