Tribal TANF Department Programs

The Tribal TANF Department have offices throughout the reservation and Havre area. Tribal TANF’s main office is in the Agency TANF Office, they also operate a Box Elder satellite office which is located in Box Elder next to Box Elder Schools and a Havre satellite office which is located at 109 2nd Street. The Family Resource Center is located at the Old Stone Child College Library/Gymnasium.

Tribal Child Support Department Programs

The Tribal Child Support Department is located in the Child Support Building.

Social Services Department Programs

The Social Services Department is located in the Social Services Building north of the Chippewa Cree Housing Authority Building.

Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation Program

The Tribal Vocational Rehabilitation Program is located in the Tribal TANF Building next to Tribal Courts.

Office of Victim Services

The Office of Victim Services is located in the OVS Office.