The goal of the Chippewa Cree Child Support Program is to insure that adequate financial support is provided each child under the negotiated child support agreements between the child's parents. If negotiated agreements are attainable, the goal of the CCT CSP is to provide services to ensure that each child is financially supported by each parent and has adequate financial resources to live a quality cultural and traditional life.

Child Support Office - Located East of the Chippewa Cree Tribal TANF Office
329 Agency Square
Box Elder, MT 59521
Phone: (406) 395-4176

Brian Molina, Jr., Director
Brittany St. Pierre, Administrative Officer
Jacalyn Ironmaker, Supervisory Caseworker
Dean Gleed, Caseworker
Kayla Ameline, Caseworker
Janene Gonsalez, Office Manager

Child Support Services Application


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