TRIBAL Family Services

Programs under Child Welfare/Family Services are: BIA Meth, Foster Care (IV-E Contract), IV-E Development, Child Welfare Services (IV-B, Part I) Promoting Safe and Stable Families (IV-B, Part II), Chafee Foster Care Independence Program

The Family Services Programs will strengthen families, empower and motivate individuals, promoting self-sufficiency, stimulating self-esteem and pride, create a prosperous and culturally functioning community in which the support will stabilize children youth and families with appropriate sensitivity to family and tribal culture.

Human Services Main Building - Located at the GA/Vets/Child Welfare Building next to Housing
31 Agency Square
Box Elder, MT 59521
Phone: (406) 395-4974

Ann Denny, Director
Rachel TopSky, Tribal Caseworker
Gilberta Belgarde, Family Preservation Caseworker
Tyson Courchane, IV-E Development Coordinator
Sandra Taylor, IV-E Foster Care Licensure
Leah LaMere, IV-E Caseworker
Christina Trottier, ICWA Caseworker

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